Against Her Will:
A Cautionary Tale, by John Howard Wyman

John, a hair dresser by trade in Aspen CO - never thought he’d be fighting for his Moms rights and writing a book about it.

There is so much to this story that will amaze you as a reader and infuriate you as a citizen.

 Mother and Son

Winifred “Carol” Wyman

& John Howard Wyman

How many elderly women escape from the long arm of the system, flee to Colorado and regain their health? Wyman's book is an honest recounting of his battle against a corrupt system that holds all the power over our lives. If you have parents that are growing old and have a chance of running up against the laws of our country or if you fit that description, you should read this book. Either that, or they'll lock you in a nursing home, find a suitable cocktail of drugs so you'll be quiet, seize your home, take your money and let you die. Given those choices, I'd read the book.


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